Manufacturer: RuppAir

RuppAir has been manufacturing tempered make-up air units and other ventilation products since 1965. Over this time, their name has become synonymous with superior customer service, high quality, quick lead times, innovation and competitive pricing. These are the tenets by which they operate and we continue to strive to improve their product offering and ability to serve an ever-changing industry. RuppAir’s highly trained workforce maintains production levels without sacrificing quality.


  • Make-up Air
    • Heated Make-Up Air
    • Cooled Make-Up Air
    • Untempered Make-Up Air
    • Make-Up Air Accessories
  • Total Heat Systems
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air System
  • Ductwork
    • HVAC Supply Duct
    • Grease Ductwork
    • Double Wall Chimney
    • Special Gas Vent
  • Exhaust Fans
    • Axial
    • Centrifugal
    • Gravity Vents
  • HVLS Fans