Manufacturer: Peerless Blowers

Peerless Blowers is a vertically integrated manufacturer of fans and blowers used in commercial and industrial applications. The blowers and fans provide efficient operation for material conveying, dust/fume removal, mechanical draft, hot air exhaust, and industrial process gas handling and removal applications. With all products designed and produced in-house from idea to completed product, Peerless Blowers is proudly one of the town’s largest employers and a local benchmark of quality craftsmanship.


  • Housed Blowers
    • Direct Drive
      • High Pressure Radial
      • Low Pressure Radial
      • Backward Inclined Direct
      • Forward Curved Direct
    • Belt Drive
      • Centrifan Inline Centrifugal
      • Powerfoil AF
      • Powerfixed BI & BC
      • Backwards Inclined Belt
      • Forward Curved Blet
      • Industrial Blowers L/M & A
      • High Pressure Radial Belt
  • Unhoused Blowers
      • Direct Drive
      • Synergy Pluglight
      • Synergy Plenumclassic
      • Synergy Plugprime
    • Belt Drive
      • Plugpak PG
      • Plenum Fan PL
  • Axial Blowers
    • Direct Drive
      • PVL, PVM, PVH
    • Belt Drive
      • PVI