Manufacturer: Aldes

Aldes manufactures Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators (HRV/ERV) using all available exchange technologies – aluminum, polypropylene, high-latent-transfer enthalpy, polymeric enthalpic membrane, and desiccant wheel – so you can choose the most appropriate method for your application and climate. From small apartments to large commercial buildings, there is an Aldes HRV or ERV that meets your needs.

Heat & Energy Recovery

  • InspirAIR® Commercial (500-4000 CFM)
  • Light Commercial HRV/ERV (575-2075 CFM)
  • Advanced Commercial HRV/ERV (1000-11000 CFM)
  • Low-Profile Commercial HRV/ERV (1000-3500 CFM)
  • Standard Residential HRV/ERV (95-300 CFM)
  • Multi-Family HRV/ERV (80-130 CFM)

Airflow & Zone Controls

  • Constant Airflow Regulators
  • Constant Exhaust Registers (CER)
  • Constant Supply Registers (CSR)
  • Constant Exhaust Boxes (CEB)
  • Constant Supply Boxes (CSB)
  • Zone Register Terminals (ZRT)
  • High Capacity Regulators (MR MAX)
  • Specialty Exhaust Grilles
  • Dampers

ERV- Integrated Vertical Fan Coil Units

  • Vertical Fan Coil Units (IQ-VFC)

Make-Up Air Solutions

  • Passive Through-Wall AIRLETS™

Multi-Family Indoor Air Quality

  • VentZone® Zoned IAQ with Heat & Energy Recovery Kits
  • VentZone® IAQ Continuous Exhaust Ventilation Kits
  • VentZone® VZ Zoned Intermittent Bath Exhaust Kits
  • Ventergy® Series Continuous Duty IAQ Ventilation Kits
  • Bath Fan Kits


  • Ventergy® Series ENERGY STAR Fans